What does X stand for?

Greetings and welcome to my reading project!

A while ago I chanced upon an intriguing Japanese word, ‘tsundoku’ (積ん読) used to describe the act of buying books and never reading them. I laughed at that word.

One Saturday, after yet another book haul, I found that I had no space in my room to put those books. So I decided to take out books I hadn’t read from my shelf. An hour later, I had a rather large Unread shelf – 58 books –  Fiction, Non fiction, some short stories in Japanese, a few ebooks that I had forgotten about, and even one of poetry.

The time has come to deal with my tsundoku.

I have writers on my shelf whose surnames span all alphabets but for X.

I will buy or start no more books till I have Read the Unread for X.

I will give away (most) books I read.

Then, I’ll go out to my local bookshop and buy a book by a writer with a surname starting with X. X could mean anything really, so of course, it could also mean more books. That possibility strengthens my spirit.

Come along with me on this journey to learn more about these amazing books (either carefully chosen by me over the years or given to me as gifts). Watch this space for giveaways and other book – geekery.

Oh, and tell me an author whose surname starts with X!


2 thoughts on “What does X stand for?

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  1. What a fantastic concept, I love it! 😀 Come to think of it, I don’t think I have any on my List from an author with a surname starting with X either… hmmm… you might have inspired me 😉


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