History of Modern Russia – Robert Service

Somehow, despite the call of the summer, the World Cup and several other perfectly acceptable distractions, we had our second Slow Read for X Non Fiction Book meeting. This time we read and talked about a heavy hitter - 'History of Modern Russia' by Robert Service. Photo - one of Stalin's 'seven sisters' in Moscow.... Continue Reading →

Imperium – Ryszard Kapuscinski

Reading can be a solitary journey and of course, that provides a lot of pleasure. But as I started reading more Non Fiction, I missed having conversations about the books. So, I started a Non Fiction book club and we just read and discussed our first book, Imperium. It is always heartening to see a... Continue Reading →

Why I Read – Wendy Lesser 

Sometimes a book doesn't leave a lasting impression but it leads you on to other things and that can suffice. 'This book arrived as a surprise from my parents via post. Its arrival opened a door in my mind on how I could perceive writing and reading in a different way. Some fine nuggets -... Continue Reading →

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