A Personal Book Classification

Every reader has their own tastes. Some books and writers that move everyone may do nothing at all to you. Whilst some books leave such a high impact that you think of them for days. I decided to classify the books I read in 2018. It's a very personal classification, the kind that I think... Continue Reading →

Moby Dick – Herman Melville

I abandoned reading a difficult book about whales and sailing when I was a teenager. I rediscovered it again this year. I read this book. This book was called Moby Dick. This book shook me up. This book gave me a new reference for my life and how to live it. Here is why. Sailing... Continue Reading →

The New York Trilogy – Paul Auster

'I loved this book so much and it reminded me of this particular card, Escherick House in Philly with its blocks and greenery. The New York Trilogy is a story of detectives, but nothing like you imagine. People die and there is sex and all that but Auster writes of identity. That a story can... Continue Reading →

The Secret River – Kate Grenville

This book is a historical fiction account of the settlers going from Britain to Australia. There is hardly any dialogue and I kind of skim read the book but I kept going because I understood a little more upon my return from my holiday in Australia earlier this year. A beautiful country with such vast... Continue Reading →

What does X stand for?

Greetings and welcome to my reading project! A while ago I chanced upon an intriguing Japanese word, ‘tsundoku’ (積ん読) used to describe the act of buying books and never reading them. I laughed at that word. One Saturday, after yet another book haul, I found that I had no space in my room to put those... Continue Reading →

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